Friday, April 19, 2024

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LAB is a tiny organization almost entirely run by volunteers. We have no office and just one part-time member of staff, our Managing Editor.
We need regular funding if we are to continue:

  • to maintain our website
  • to edit, distribute, and promote our books
  • to organize book launches, webinars, and events
  • to organize our (100+) wonderful volunteers
  • to fundraise
  • to pay our Managing Editor

Here are more details on the different ways you can support LAB:

LAB Supporter

Contribute from £3.50 per month to help LAB sustain its website and newsletter and publish new articles about social and environmental justice in Latin America (including interviews with activists, features on their campaigns, analysis of important political trends and how they affect society, deep dives on sustainable development and advances for women's rights).

Friend of LAB

Contribute from £8.50 per month to help LAB sustain its projects (like the Environmental Defenders series and Voices of Latin America project), develop new projects, and publish new books brining the voices of social and environmental leaders in Latin America to English-speaking audiences.

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Get Involved

If you'd also like to support in kind, there are a number of ways you can do so (writing for LAB, volunteering to help fundraise, posting on social media, selling books, translating, and plenty more).