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For the past forty years, LAB has published a range of books on social, political, economic and cultural issues in Latin America.

In 2015 LAB started a new publishing partnership with Practical Action Publishing. All new LAB publications will be co-publications with our new partner, who will produce, promote, sell and distribute the titles on LAB’s behalf, freeing us to do what we do best: define themes, identify authors, commission, translate (where necessary) and edit wonderful new books.

Meanwhile Practical Action Publishing has also taken over distribution of all LAB’s in-print books, via their Development Bookshop. For a full list of available titles and to place an order, click here.

Practical Action is also busy digitising well over 100 LAB titles from LAB’s back catalogue. These will soon be made available as e-books, either to individual order, or via a subscription (especially suitable for universities and libraries) to the entire collection.

Latest Publications

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LAB plans to continue its series of short Special Reports, which include Brazil Under the Workers Party – from Euphoria to Despair by Sue Branford & Jan Rocha; The Nicaragua Grand Canal – Economic Miracle or Folie de Grandeur? by Russell White; and the forthcoming (Jan 2017) Argentina under the Kirchners – the Legacy of Left Populism by Marcela López Levy.

LAB’s major publishing project for 2017 is Voices of Latin America, a collection of testimonies and interviews from the region’s dynamic social movements, arranged by theme, and with an introduction which examines the present coyuntura, as the pink tide of progressive governments has begun to ebb, an era of social progress financed by extractivism stutters to a halt and the shadow of Trump falls across the Americas. We hope to publish Voices in March 2018, to mark LAB’s 40th anniversary, and to back it by a special website carrying additional reading, audio, video and photographs.

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