Monday, August 15, 2022

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LAB is an ever-expanding international network of journalists, translators, writers, editors, thinkers, students and engaged citizens.

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To support LAB’s work, consider donating the price of a newspaper per month (or more, if you can) via our Patreon. We offer rewards including issues of our guest-edited quarterly dispatch, Voz, which conveys the experience and analysis of our partners out in Latin America in long-read articles, as well as books and video content.

There are two tiers to choose from: LAB Subscriber (£3.50 a month) and Friend of LAB (£8.50 per month).

Alternatively, you can just join our free newsletter mailing list, which updates subscribers on struggles for social and environmental justice in Latin America – but you will miss out on the additional material and rewards available to patrons. If you can’t afford to make a regular contribution at present, you can also make a one-off donation to LAB here.

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LAB helps independent writers gain skills in research, interviewing, composing and editing articles. We welcome pitches for articles focusing on social and environmental rights in Latin America.

Articles tend to be around 1,000 words, focus on struggles for justice from the point of view of the communities in question and contain relevant (credited, openly-licensed) images, videos and links. We encourage writers to, wherever possible, contact representatives from marginalised communities or social movements and quote them in the piece.

If you’d like to pitch an article, please introduce your idea and its context, provide sources you might use and a list of people ‘on-the-ground’ you will speak to, and send to

Volunteer with LAB

We work with skilled translators who help us to translate interviews with activists and articles from our partner organisations. Our translators subtitle videos into English and transcribe and translate testimonies for our books.

We also work alongside skilled video editors and audio producers to provide multimedia content.

Our volunteers help with editing articles, publishing content to the website, posting on social media and organising events. LAB volunteers can learn about fundraising and campaigning as well as working in a charity.

If you’re interested in volunteering with LAB in some capacity, please write to us at telling us about your skills, interests and country focus.

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University partnerships
In LAB’s new stream of REI (Research Engagement and Impact) work, we collaborate with university researchers to disseminate their work ‘beyond the campus’ to wider publics, in a simple, impactful way. Current partners include King’s College London, Cardiff University and University of East Anglia. For more information, see our Beyond the Campus REI brochure or our Full Services List.

Media partnerships
We develop and re-publish content from partner media outlets whose values and aims reflect our own, such as Brazil’s Agência Pública, Venezuela’s Ojos Ilegales Red and Christian Aid, London Mining Network, Peru Support Group and Haiti Support Group here in the UK. We also maintain close cross-publishing relationships with Latin America-focused British media including Alborada, Sounds and Colours and Latino Life.

For a small fee, we offer a translation and publishing service to our partner outlets in Latin America, translating articles into English and publishing content on our website to an English-speaking audience. 

We also host live and online events with our partner arts organisations including Cine Latino, FLAWA and Movimientos. If you are interested in developing a partnership with LAB, please contact us on

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Critical times for LAB

We must raise funds if we are to continue our work, retain our part-time staff, and coordinate our wonderful team of volunteers. We have exciting new work under way: a podcast series, books, a new project called ‘Covid-19: Survival, Recovery, Transformation' and a blog series about environmental defenders. All of this work will grind to a halt if we cannot find more funding. Please help, by clicking on the Subscribe or Donate buttons, below.