Veteran journalist Luis Nassif explains the Military’s silent and gradual seizure of power from President Bolsonaro in five acts. This is an edited version of the article published in Brasil Wire and translated by Brian Mier. The original in Portuguese was published by GGN. Act 1 – How they got ready to intervene against Bolsonaro […]
By Emily Gregg, edited by Mike Gatehouse, with additional material from Peru & Haiti Support Groups UK and LAB correspondents in the region LAB has put together this third overview of the spread of coronavirus across the region and the reaction of governments and politicians. With our limited resources we could not hope to provide […]
Open and poorly treated wounds, food waste on the cell floor, rat faeces, little ventilation, water rationing, insects everywhere. While some inmates do not even get up from their beds, such is their weak state of health, others are stuck in wheelchairs. To wash one’s body or one’s hands or clean any object prisoners have […]
LAB received this article from Venezuelan National Science Prize winner Victor Álvarez. It is a follow-up to his earlier appeal for a coalition government to involve both Maduro and Guaidó. Translated for LAB by Jasmine Haniff. Placing a price on the heads of Maduro and his main collaborators to force them into negotiating the departure […]
This article was translated for LAB by Chloe Budd. You can read the original (in Spanish) here. Main image: Raya, an old Nahua. More than half of his village was destroyed after the land opened to oil exploration. Image: Survival International They are the defenders of nature, natural territories and areas that, with the pretext […]
A 20-year-old Kokama indigenous woman in northern Amazonas state tested positive for the virus, according to the federal government’s body in charge of health services for indigenous people in Brazil (SESAI). She is one of 27 people who are being monitored after being in contact with Dr. Matheus Feitosa, who was diagnosed with COVID-19 last […]
This article was written in early March, before the effects of Covid-19 virus became clear. Since then the national elections scheduled for 3 May have been postponed, at least until June, but almost certainly until October or later. The postponement was announced by the Supreme Electoral Court on 21 March, although no new date was […]
This report was prepared for LAB by Linda Etchart, author of the chapter on Indigenous People’s in LAB’s Voices of Latin America. Linda is a lecturer in Human Geography at Kingston University, and author of the chapter ‘Indigenous Peoples and the Rights of Nature’ in LAB’s 2019 book Voices of Latin America. N.B. Figures for […]
While this article is global in scope, LAB is publishing it because all of the many interesting issues it raises are common to Latin American countries also. Duncan Green worked as a researcher-writer at LAB from 1989 to 1997 and was author of a number of LAB books, including Faces of Latin America. He is also […]
‘Coronavirus will never hit Costa Rica. There are no direct flights between China and here’. These are the words that an acquaintance confidently shared just 7 weeks ago. Now, Costa Rica is practically in lockdown mode. Meanwhile, Ticos, like people in most other countries, are wondering when the COVID-19 pandemic will end and normality will […]