Filmed over nine years, this documentary follows the lives of three teenagers from the barrio as they struggle to become professional musicians in a country on the verge of collapse.
Colombia Awakened Santiago Mesa
Despite everything – the media, the fear mongering, the status quo – Petro won. Omar Rincón unpicks the recent Colombian elections.
Cuba Julio César Guanche
Alberto Gil makes sense of a new layered crisis in Cuba shaped by the pandemic, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Caribbean country's internationally lauded healthcare system, a new generation in power and a new culture of dissent.
Buenos Aires, Costa Urbana
Buenos Aires' right-wing dominated city council has endorsed two major riverside developments which would reserve huge tracts of land for private luxury apartments and offices. Opposition is mounting.
The Coup d’État Factory victor fraga valnei nunes
Using Brazil as a case study, the film The Coup d’État Factory uncovers and dissects the media's role in creating conditions to dismantle democracy, paving the way for the far-right.
Jair Bolsonaro has launched a frontal assault on the same electoral system which brought him to the presidency. This is part of a three-pronged strategy to discredit Brazil's democracy and refuse to accept any outcome other than his own victory
Orphan Mothers Film Franja
Anti-Black violence by the Police targets young men in Brazil's favelas and makes their mothers 'orphans'. Their trauma and spectacular resistance are highlighted in this new film, reviwed for LAB by Jessica Pandian
Lorena, Light-Footed Woman Netflix review
Lorena Ramírez is a Mexican long-distance runner of Tarahumara origin who surprised her compatriots (and the world) by winning the Guachochi ultramarathon in 2017 running in her handmade skirt and sandals.
Murders of indigenous leaders in Peru continue, despite government promises to improve protections. Those who seek to defend their land and protect the local environment are targeted by illegal loggers, miners and drug traffickers.
A wave of protest paralysed Ecuador, with roads blockaded and food running short in some areas. The protests were led by indigenous organizations, but backed by students and trade unions. After various authoritarian actions and threats, Lasso has been forced to conciliate and the protests have subsided for now.