In addition to our website, LAB’s Facebook page provides a daily stream of summaries and links to articles published elsewhere. In this newsletter we have done away with our ‘Read more…’ rubric – the links to LAB and other articles appear as hyperlinks in the text. A wave of protest sweeps the continent Following hard […]
Amnesty international has launched a new report into illegal cattle farming in the Brazilian Amazon. Cattle farming is the main driver of illegal land seizures that violate human rights in Reserves and Indigenous territories. Satellite imagery and official data reveal evidence of cattle farming in protected areas. By gaining access to animal health agencies’ data […]
This Special Bulletin from Bolivia Information Forum Special Bulletin was issued on 17 November 2019 A right-wing government has taken office in La Paz representing the most conservative forces in Bolivian society. The new cabinet hails, in large measure, from Santa Cruz and the east of the country. They include people close to the radical […]
Evo’s last years in power marked by violations of democracy November 10 2019 will be a day to remember in Bolivian history. At 16:50 of that Sunday afternoon Evo Morales resigned the presidency and there were large street demonstrations by those celebrating the news, but also protests by those who supported him. However, widespread jubilation […]
The swearing in of Jeanine Añez as interim president of Bolivia is likely to cause further unrest in the country, following three weeks of disturbances that led eventually to the ouster of Evo Morales. Añez, elected as a senator for the right-wing Unidad Nacional alliance in 2014, belongs to the Demócratas grouping of Santa Cruz […]
There is a phrase that has been repeated many times in Bolivia over the last four years: democracy has been fatally wounded. It was first heard in 2016, after President Evo Morales announced that he would run again, even though a majority of Bolivians had voted in a referendum against allowing him to seek a fourth […]
‘No son $30‘ On Friday 18 October, Chilean president Sebastian Piñera announced a state of emergency in the country’s capital Santiago. As protests spread throughout the country over the following days, the state of emergency and its accompanying curfews were also extended. Chile has not experienced a state of emergency since the one declared in […]
In addition to our website, LAB’s Facebook page provides a daily stream of summaries and links to articles published elsewhere. In this and future newsletters we may mention some of these, with the rubric ‘Read FB’ to distinguish them from posts on LAB’s website. Please support LAB LAB has so much to do. There is […]
‘This is an issue that is always there in your life. This problem puts you aside from the rest of society. You are lost everywhere you go; it’s like having your head on the moon. I’ve been living here for more than 15 years and should be speaking English already, but I am not,’ says […]
LAB’s Voices of Latin America featured in a session at the 2019 Crickhowell Literary Festival. Editor Tom Gatehouse, who grew up and went to school in the area, introduced the book, with Brecon-based Claudia Orellana (from Chile) and Cardiff-based actor Kristoffer Huball reading the voices of four of the social activists who are interviewed in […]