While the Piñera government attempts to repair the economy by rapidly moving the country out of lock-down, opinion is polarised regarding constitutional reform and the campaign to oppose constitutional change is backed by the police. This article was published by Pagina 12 on 11 September. You can read the original (in Spanish) here. It was […]
Ex-Colonel Inocente Orlando Montano is convicted by a criminal court in Madrid, and sentenced to 133 years in prison for his involvement in the murder of five Jesuit priests at the Central American University in San Salvador (UCA). The murders of one other Jesuit priest, the housekeeper and her daughter were not included in the […]
The full report of the Media Analysis conducted for the Indigenous Brazil Violated project can now be viewed or downloaded from the link below:
Translated for LAB by Fuschia Fowke Regardless of who is in power in Venezuela in the next few years, the government in office will have to face up to the loss of the social, political and economic control it gained from oil revenue. Hence the struggle between Maduro and Guaidó to gain control of Venezuela’s […]
On 16 November 1989 six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her 15-year old daughter were shot dead at their home in San Salvador by army soldiers. Five of the six priests were Spanish citizens. Ex-Colonel Inocente Orlando Montano is on trial in Madrid, accused of involvement in the murder. The hearings took place before the […]
Distinguished Brazilian journalist Eliane Brum writes regularly for the Spanish newspaper El Pais Her latest article is a cry of grief and rage at what President Bolsonaro and his followers have done to their country. ‘Independence or Death’ was the slogan of Brazil’s independence. Today independence is gone, leaving just death. This summary of Brum’s […]
Part 1 Aug 5, 12:12 AM 1:5421:32 In the first part of this season, James Dean Bradfield looks at the influence of Chilean musician and revolutionary singer Victor Jara on modern music.From lyrical references by the likes of U2, Calaxico and The Clash to an album dedication from Simple Minds and Bruce Springsteen covering Jara’s […]
By Emily Gregg, edited by Mike Gatehouse. LAB has put together this thirteenth overview of the spread of coronavirus across the region and the reaction of governments, politicians and local communities. With our limited resources we could not hope to provide a truly comprehensive survey. Figures for infections and mortality, summarised in the table at […]
’We are the people of the territory that suffers and is exhausted; the one that is crushed by the political-economic power that leaves us even without the most vital element: water. We fight for a law that guarantees pure water to all residents of Chubut; but also, to express to the governors and businessmen that […]
In a world where weddings are postponed, birthday parties are held via video chat and we have to be encouraged to spend, rather than to save, in order to support local businesses, it is unsurprising that the Colombian Flower Exporters Association reported dramatic losses: estimated sales for Mother’s Day were 40 per cent lower than […]