4. The student revolution


Latin American students have organized some of the largest mass mobilizations in the region’s recent history, calling for a free, universal system of high-quality education, from primary school to university. The students see this as key to ending the reproduction of inequality that continues to plague their societies.

The Chilean movement has been particularly strong and has influenced others in Brazil and elsewhere. Meanwhile, a new popular university in Honduras aims to equip students with the skills traditional education in the country fails to provide.


News related to this chapter

The assault on academic freedom in Brazil

Scholars for Academic Freedom in Brazil was set up in late 2018 with the aim of building a network of academics in UK universities and beyond, to raise awareness of attacks on academics and academic freedom in Brazil. Group member and LAB trustee David Treece outlines the changes during Bolsonaro's presidency that have brought about the group's creation.
© Luis Bustamente

A year of Chile’s estallido social in pictures

Luis Bustamante's images of Chile's estallido social - which began on October 18, 2019, now a whole year ago - speak for themselves. Most were taken of protesters in Santiago around Plaza Baquedano, renamed by protestors as Plaza de la Diginidad. Others cover graffiti and stencil work that popped up during this period, taken in a range of Chilean cities.

Guatemala: the void left by empty classrooms

Sunset over Guatemala City marks another day of widening inequality and increasing despair as Covid-19 cases continue to rise. With the country’s informal economy taking a huge hit in an already inequitable society, citizens have been taking to the streets waving white flags in a show of desperation and hunger. As The Guardian has reported, nearly 70 per cent of Guatemalans earn a living in the ‘unregulated informal economy’, surviving precariously from hand to mouth. Indeed, international media outlets have largely picked up on the visible, immediate effects the virus is having on Guatemala (the second most impoverished nation in...

An open and shut case – schools and Covid-19

‘What’s that huge queue for?’ I asked my friend. He simply shrugged his shoulders as we stared at the seemingly endless line of people, circling round the block. The streets were practically empty and unusually quiet, aside from this mammoth queue of women, all standing two metres apart. Then it clicked. This wasn’t a Covid-19 testing centre as I had originally thought. No, these people were queuing for food packages for their children, being distributed by a local school. The queuing mothers seemed a little nervous but generally relaxed. After all, they have been some of the luckier ones in...

Chile’s long, hot summer of discontent

It’s 11 January 2020, and I am sitting on a hot and unforgiving cement esplanade, at the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Chile’s national Memory and Human Rights Museum. The mood is generally good natured, but somewhat restive: in between the official acts and speeches, the crowd spontaneously breaks into chants. These compare right-wing president Sebastián Piñera – whose approval ratings currently stand at an all-time low of only 6 per cent – to Pinochet, and unflatteringly accuse the police of being ‘lackeys of the state’ (although their language is more graphic). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVaJA8_YdnE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3DA8W5UnjQ The date marks almost 3 months...


History of student protest

The Night of the Pencils. Video: Aries Films, Argentina. Director: Hector Olivera

The Popular University of Honduras

Interview with Franco Lagos. In 2015 a group of Honduran researchers and activists founded the Clementina Suárez Popular University. This was the idea of...

The Penguin Revolution, Chile, 2006

A documentary about María Jesús Sanhueza, one of the leaders of the 2006 secondary school student protests in Chile, known (for their school uniforms)...

Chile: the Great National Agreement for Education

The President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, spoke to the country via a nationwide radio and TV link-up to make important announcements concerning education. Video:...

Inside Chile’s student movement: interview with Giorgio Jackson

The Center for Latin American Studies and the Berkeley Law School present a talk with Giorgio Jackson, one of the leaders of Chile's...

About the Author

Emily Gregg has written blogs for LAB on the Colombian Peace Process and the legacy of El Salvador’s 1992 peace accords.

She is now studying for an MSc in the history of international relations at the London School of Economics with a focus on human rights and Latin America.


Valérie Abad (Universidad Católica): interviewed via Google Hangouts on 27 January 2018 by Tom Gatehouse. Translated by Matty Rose.

Marcelo Correa (CONES): interviewed in Santiago de Chile on 22 November 2016 by Nina Meghji. Transcribed by Nina Meghji.

Giorgio Jackson (former student leader, now congressional deputy and leader of Revolución Democrática party): interviewed in Santiago de Chile on 6 December 2011 by Roberto Navarrete (http://www.alboradafilms.net/). Translated by Rowan Ritchie.

Camila Lanes (UBES): interviewed in São Paulo on 13 December 2016 by Ali Rocha. Translated by Matty Rose.

Pavel Núñez (Universidad Clementina Suárez): interviewed in Tegucigalpa on 24 October and 2 November 2016 by Louise Morris. Translated by Louise Morris.


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