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Women Resisting Violence

Women Resisting Gendered and Intersectional Violence


Latin America has some of the highest rates of gender-based violence and femicide in the world. This incidence increased during the Coronavirus pandemic, with governments and civil society recognising the urgency of addressing the phenomenon. While there is much research on the nature and causes of such violence, in the UK little is known about the variety of activities and projects that aim to address this violence.

In response, LAB council members Marilyn Thomson and Louise Morris and academics at King’s College, Professors Cathy McIlwaine and Jelke Boesten, launched a new project with international researcher on gender equality, Patricia Muñoz Cabrera, to explore and celebrate grassroots campaigns and organisations that counter violence against women and girls in Latin America — in a podcast series, website, events and a book.

The project foregrounds the voices of women who have suffered gender violence and those who are building campaigns and initiatives to fight against it from the grassroots up. Examples of their work are celebrated and held up as case studies in order to positively influence broader policies around violence against women, both within and beyond Latin America.

Given that existing empirical evidence from Latin America demonstrates the intersection of gender-based violence against women and girls with many other forms of violence, this project keeps an intersectional perspective on the issues which organisations tackle, and the ways that they succeed.

“Our ultimate aim for this project is to contribute to policy change around mitigating intersectional gendered violence against women and girls. We are incredibly excited and honoured to share these women’s experiences and teachings with you.”

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Past events

Listening to Women Resisting Violence (webinar, February 2022)

This webinar focused on podcasting as a medium to positively influence broader policies around violence against women. We spoke with the activists who participated in the podcast and with leading international podcast producers about the power of podcasting for social change.

I thought the event was incredible! I was delighted to hear so much great stuff being said about podcasting as a tool for not just communication but activism – it’s exactly the sort of thread I want to pull at, so I couldn’t be happier to be involved.

Women Resisting Violence Book Launch (November 2022) 

Presentation of the book and a panel discussion with Pamela Zaballa (NO MORE), Martina Rodriguez (FALA), and Elizabeth Yañez Jiménez (LAWRS).

We need to look for transnational solutions … We need to elevate our voices together, denounce things together.

Migrant Women in Europe Resisting Gender-Based Violence (webinar, January 2023)

Webinar with WIDE+ (Europe), Red Latinas (Spain), International Women Space (Germany), and LAWRS (UK).

Women Resisting Violence Conference, London Metropolitan University (March, 2023)

London Met’s annual Human Rights Conference was themed around our talk presenting the Women Resisting Violence project.

From the blog

Understanding violence against women and girls in Brazil

Whilst Brazil is deemed one of the most violent and dangerous countries in the world, the rate of violent deaths in the country has decreased over recent years. Despite this, women and other gender and sexual minorities remain at greater risk of experiencing violence. 

The shocking impact of abortion prosecutions in Ecuador

Human Rights Watch has found that Ecuador’s criminalisation of abortion violates human rights and discriminates against Black and Indigenous people.

Colombia: representing women victims of the armed conflict

By comparing the discourse of a Colombian broadsheet and a pacifist feminist organisation, Isabelle Gribomont demonstrates how language can impact the ways victims are understood and treated in a (post-)conflict society.

Organisations | Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS)

Founded in 1983, The Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) is a feminist human rights organisation, run by and for Latin American women living in the UK. 

Organisations | 8 Tijax, Guatemala

The collective 8 Tijax was formed in 2017 in Guatemala in response to a massacre at the Virgen de la Asunción Children’s home. 8 Tijax is a group of volunteers who work with the families of victims and survivors and support their campaigns for justice in the courts.

Organisations | Redes da Maré and Casa das Mulheres, Rio de...

Redes da Maré (Networks of Maré) is a civil society organisation situated in the poor neighbourhood of Maré in Rio de Janeiro, which comprises 16 favelas with over 140,000 residents.

Some of the News items on this site are articles and blog posts published by Latin America Bureau (LAB) on their website, and are reproduced here for their interest and relevance to the Women Resisting Violence project.

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