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Chile: La caravana de las Danzas



The 2018 Caravana de las Danzas 2018, dancing in La Plaza de Talca and taking a walk around the Barrio en Colores, an open air museum in the población Brilla el Sol, with murals evoking the customs of the region such as rodeo, the Cueca, etc.

Wendy Tyndale, with her book Cuentos Tradicionales

The dances were combined with readings of folk stories collected by the young British researcher Wendy Tyndale, more than 50 years ago in the Maule region. These stories have now been published in the book Cuentos tradicionales chilenos de la Region del Maule.

Wendy went on to be secretary of the Chile Committee for Human Rights. One of the organisers of the Caravana is another British former human rights and solidarity activist, Imogen Mark, who during the 1970s edited Chile Fights, the journal of Chile Solidarity Campaign

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