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Brazil: new onslaught against Indigenous groups

Landowners across Brazil are escalating attacks against Indigenous peoples. While Lula's government appears powerless, landowners are forcibly evicting Indigenous communities, especially where these have reoccupied lands stolen from them previously and to which they will be denied rights under the 'Marco Temporal' (time-limit) rule likely to be approved by the right-wing dominated Congress and already being applied by local judges.

Ecuador: Last chance to save the Amazon?

Roads are the main threat to the Amazon, argues Ecuadorean Indigenous leader José Gualinga. They are the trojan horse concealing miners, loggers, land-grabbers, behind the false promise of 'development'.

Indigenous community sues Colombian government

Twuliá Wayuu community sues Colombian government for climate change-induced coastal erosion causing devastating effects on their livelihood and culture in the northern La Guajira peninsula.

Millaray Huichalaf: Mapuche woman’s 15-year defence of a sacred river

For 15 years, spiritual Mapuche leader Millaray Huichalaf, representing more than 150 Indigenous communities, has defended their sacred Pilmaiken River against Norwegian state-owned company Statkfraft’s hydroelectric ambitions.

Peru: historic divisions and the National Police

Peru’s complicated history is mirrored in the controversies affecting the Peruvian National Police (PNP). The violent treatment of Indigenous anti-government demonstrators illustrates the prevalence of racialised discrimination in Peru’s society, whilst recent revelations about the PNP’s disciplinary crisis provide an insight into the nation’s internal divisions.

KANUA: the first floating film festival to navigate the Ecuadorian Amazon

Kanua, the Amazonian Floating Film Festival, brought cinema to remote communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon on a solar-powered canoe.

Brazil: Kawahiva at mercy of loggers and gangs

The Kawahiva, an unctacted Indigenous people, live in an area still plagued by illegal logging. Despite promises from Lula's government, their land is still not fully protected and their existence is acutely endangered.

Colombia racing to commit to Just Energy Transition in La Guajira?

La Guajira is poised to become the Colombian department with the strongest potential for generating renewable energy. Reducing the environmental licence processing time for renewable energy projects here could complicate issues for local Indigenous people and the environment.

A travesty: The Economist on ‘isolated Indians’

An article in The Economist seriously misrepresents the Indigenous people affected by the Camisea drilling project for gas in the Peruvian Amazon. It reads like corporate PR for Argentine-Dutch oil consortium PlusPetrol

Colombia: displaced Indigenous community wins right to return to their lands

LAB's Grace Livingstone speaks to the two governors of this Emberá Chamí community to learn more about their historic land restitution case and analyses the current government's efforts to tackle displacement and redistribute land.

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