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Venezuela’s wealth is being plundered

Translated for LAB by Fuschia Fowke Regardless of who is in power in Venezuela in the next few...

Brazil: September 7 — day of death

Distinguished Brazilian journalist Eliane Brum writes regularly for the Spanish newspaper El PaisHer latest article is a cry of grief and rage...

Covid-19 in Latin America – Update 13, 25 August

By Emily Gregg, edited by Mike Gatehouse.LAB has put together this thirteenth overview of the spread of coronavirus across the region and...

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Lula and Alberto Fernández in discussion

The Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires organized a virtual dialogue 'Thinking about Latin America After the Pandemic'...

Tango against elder abuse

Argentine tango teacher and LGBT activist Edgardo Fernández Sesma made this video for the (15 June) World...

Salvadorean refugees repatriate to Nueva Esperanza

In 1991 a group of 325 Salvadorean refugees returned to their country after 10 years of exile in Nicaragua. They faced great...


Inspired by Jara – a 3-part podcast

Part 1 Aug 5, 12:12 AM 1:5421:32 In the first part of this season,...

Amazonia in 5 minutes

This June 5th, World Environment Day, we're releasing "Amazonia in Five Minutes." We're excited to present, on this important date, the first...

PODCAST: what is happening to migrant children at the US border

A podcast from The Guardian. Published in the 'Today In Focus' series, 11 July 2019. To download or listen, click...

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The Past is an Imperfect Tense

A well-to-do white couple living in São Paulo, Brazil, adopt a black baby. The Past is an Imperfect Tense tells the...

Voices of Latin America – social movements and the new activism

This is a book of many voices (more than 70 of them, from 14 different countries): of anthropologists and archaeologists; urban planners and architects;...

Amazon Besieged – by dams, soya, agribusiness and land-grabbing

The Tapajós River, a major tributary of the Amazon, is renowned for its extraordinary biodiversity and the vitality of its indigenous and riverine communities....

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