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Women Resisting Violence: Voices and Experiences from Latin America



‘Women Resisting Violence: Voices and Experiences from Latin America’ by the WRV Collective published by Latin America Bureau and Practical Action Publishing November 15, 2022.

Women’s voices are loud and clear: gendered and intersectional violence is rampant in Latin America. But women are pushing back. As the Mexican proverb boldly states, ‘They wanted to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds.’ 

Latin America Bureau and King’s College London are proud to announce the debut work from the WRV collective, Women Resisting Violence: Voices and Experiences from Latin America, an illuminating and powerful account of women’s responses to widespread gender violence, available to pre-order online now.

Collaboratively written, the book features an impressive introduction sketching the current panorama of gendered and intersectional violence against Latin American women and girls (where race, ethnicity, sexuality, and socio-economic status combine to identify, discriminate against, and target women). Importantly, it then draws on case studies and interviews with women leaders from Latin America, collecting a chain of voices in order to explore the bold initiatives women and girls are developing to resist violence, transform their communities, and influence international laws – through protest, memorial, ‘artivism’, social media, a feminist ethics of care, debate, mobile apps, lobbying, conventions, and more.

Women Resisting Violence voices and experiences from latin america WRV Collective

Praise for Women Resisting Violence

​​This highly accessible book is concerned with one of the most important issues in Latin America today and in the future.

Caroline Moser, University of Manchester/University College London

An excellent insight into gender and intersectionality, including an analysis of the impact of VAWG on women in all their diversity.

Dr Erika Fraser, Ending Violence against Women and Children Helpdesk

This book demonstrates, once again, the significance of the bonds of sisterhood between academic and Indigenous feminists proposing creative forms of resistance and theorizing from the South.

Rocío Silva Santisteban, Peruvian poet, feminist activist, scholar, and former member of Congress

Highlighting concrete, effective strategies and actions –led by those most affected by this violence–, the book Women Resisting Violence plays a critical role in finding solutions. […] a powerful record of grassroots resistance.

Silvia Viñas, Executive Producer and co-host of El hilo podcast

A superb summary of grassroots efforts and key to understanding how to take the ideals of equality and convert them into policy and action.

Pamela Zaballa, CEO, No More Foundation

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Women Resisting Violence: Voices and Experiences from Latin America

  1. ‘They wanted to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds’: Resisting intersectional and gendered violence against women in cities – Cathy McIlwaine and Moniza Rizzini Ansari
  2. ‘Care for those who care’: Domestic workers fight back against violence – Marilyn Thomson
  3. ‘It is a very tough fight’: Abortion as a battleground over women’s rights in Latin America Jelke Boesten and Andrea Espinoza
  4. ‘Violence on our lands, violence on our bodies’: Women resisting land grabbing and environmental violence – Patricia Muñoz Cabrera
  5. ‘I have rights and I am free’: Resisting gendered intersectional violence against Latin American migrant women – Cathy McIlwaine
  6. ‘They cannot erase our memory’: Commemoration, violence, and the arts – Louise Morris and Jelke Boesten

Conclusions and Recommendations 

Appendix: Women Resisting Violence, the multilingual podcast 

About the WRV Collective

The WRV Collective reflects the feminist and collaborative decision-making processes underpinning the writing of this book and the wider project to which it belongs, also comprising a blog, events, and a podcast, which was shortlisted for Best Documentary in the Amnesty International Media Awards 2022.

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