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Defending the Rights of Nature in Ecuador with Natalia Greene

LAB speaks to Natalia Greene, who was instrumental in bringing the Rights of Nature into Ecuador’s Constitution in 2008, about the environmental movement in Ecuador, the complexities of the current political situation and deteriorating security.

Ecuador seeks change in second round of elections

Voters are seeking a leader who can tackle the escalating security crisis and uncontrolled violence that plagues the nation, and reverse the effects of Ecuador’s slowing economy.

Ecuador: killing leaves deep uncertainty

The assassination of Fernando Villavicencio, one of the leading candidates in the 20 August presidential elections, has plunged Ecuador into deep uncertainty. The Correístas might benefit were some of them not suspected of complicity in the crime.

Ecuador: community vs the gold miners

Indigenous communities in Azuay, Ecuador, are fighting Canadian gold mining company Dundee Precious Metals, whose Loma Larga mine threatens to pollute the Kimsakocha moorlands and its rivers.

Who will save Yasuní?

Ecuadorians go to the polls on 20 August 2023, to elect both a new president and 137 legislators for the country's National Assembly. They will also be given the choice to vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in a referendum, where a ‘Yes’ vote will shut down all oil extraction in Yasuní National Park.

Ecuador: the Napo goldrush and the rise of the narco-garimpeiros

When large mining companies such as TerraEarth withdrew from gold mining in Ecuador's Napo province, they paved the way for smaller scale illegal miners to move in in force, financed by cocaine money, with terrible consequences

Ecuador: Napo goldrush begins with big mining

Chinese owned TerraEarth started mining for gold in Ecuador's Napo province. After numerous instances of pollution of water sources, encroachments and other violations, court and regulatory action eventually forced the company to withdraw -- for now.

The Assassination of Eduardo Mendua

The killing of Ecuadorean indigenous leader Eduardo Mendua provides a text-book example of how extractive projects such as oil drilling divide communities, with often fatal results. The first of a series of articles in which Linda Etchart will 'follow the money' flowing from big oil and mining.

This Stolen Country of Mine: Neo-Colonialism in Ecuador

This Stolen Country of Mine is a gripping documentary following resistance leader Paúl Jarrín and investigative journalist Fernando Villavicencio, as they fight to stop...

Afro-Ecuadorean women tell their story

The RECLAMA project in Esmeraldas province empowered Afro-Ecuadorean women to document their culture and heritage and to speak out with pride

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