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LAB Achievements & Performance 2021-2022

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Women Resisting Violence book WRV Collective

Women Resisting Violence: Voices and Experiences from Latin America

New book Women Resisting Violence: Voices and Experiences from Latin America explores women’s inspirational strategies for tackling growing gender-based violence.
Digital chapter of LAB's 'Vocies of Latin America' book available exclusively to Patreon subscribers

New chapter of Voices

We're proud to release today an in-depth new digital chapter of LAB's book Voices of Latin America – 'The Covid 19 Pandemic: Survival', by Emily Gregg.

Solidarity with Latin America

Pablo Bradbury looks ahead to the upcoming conference, Solidarity with Latin America: Maintaining momentum, holding leaders to account and building alliances, in partnership with Latin America Bureau and the University of Liverpool.
Isla Incahuasi, Salar de Uyuni, southwestern Bolivia

Crossed Off The Map: Travels in Bolivia

Blending travel writing, history and reportage, Shafik Meghji's Crossed Off The Map journeys from the Andes to the Amazon to explore Bolivia’s turbulent past and contemporary challenges.