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Brazil: Coup and Carnival

Brazilian police and the Supreme Court have released a video showing Bolsonaro plotting to deny the results of the presidential election and mount a coup. The leading Samba schools in this year's carnivals, by contrast, highlighted the lives of Indigenous Peoples and the culture of black Brazil

Argentina: Milei promises to ‘take a chainsaw’ to the economy

Javier Milei's won a landslide victory in Argentina's presidential elections. He has promised to 'take a chainsaw' to the country's economy -- in dire trouble with inflation this year already at 143%. But can he convert a massive protest vote into real policies?

Ecuador seeks change in second round of elections

Voters are seeking a leader who can tackle the escalating security crisis and uncontrolled violence that plagues the nation, and reverse the effects of Ecuador’s slowing economy.

Guatemala’s president-elect warns of a coup

Powerful politicians in Guatemala overlooked the tiny centre-left Semilla Party who, with its offer of ‘a new Guatemalan Spring’, won a landslide victory against the UNE party of Sandra Torres on August 20.

Brazil: ‘Malvinas’ moment for the armed forces?

Have Brazil's armed forces been discredited, again, by their backing for Bolsonaro, his kleptocracy and his attempt to steal the elections?

Uki Goñi: racism persists in Argentina

Interviewed  by CLACS Newton International fellow Gabriel Bayarri, Argentine author Uki Goñi provides insight into Argentina’s intricate history. As a witness to the erasure...

Ecuador: killing leaves deep uncertainty

The assassination of Fernando Villavicencio, one of the leading candidates in the 20 August presidential elections, has plunged Ecuador into deep uncertainty. The Correístas might benefit were some of them not suspected of complicity in the crime.

Brazil’s democracy is far from safe

Lula acted decisively to halt the Bolsonarist insurgents who invaded the centre of government in Brasilia on 8 January. But coup-mongers are numerous and active, not least within the armed forces, while the right retains control of Congress.

Brazil: pro-democracy demonstrations in London and São Paulo

In reaction to what justice minister Flavio Dino has already identified as a terrorist attack, Brazilians flocked to the streets of São Paulo, London, New York, and beyond to voice their outrage.

Brasil feliz de novo

Lula took office on 2 January, greeted by a sea of enthusiastic supporters who had travelled from all over Brazil. Former president Jair Bolsonaro fled to Miami and the new administration lost no time in undoing some of his most harmful measures

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