Tuesday, March 5, 2024


The Landless Workers’ Movement

Now and then there emerges somewhere in the world a social movement that is really exceptional for its integrity, astuteness and mass appeal. For me one of those rare movements is Brazil's  Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST)/the Landles

Fate of The Cuban Five Lies With US Supreme Court

The US government is attempting to influence the Supreme Court’s decision next week about whether to review the sentences of five Cuban men imprisoned in the US since 1998 for ‘conspiracy’ to spy after a highly politicised trial in Mi

El Salvador Election Results

The news coverage calls it a turning point in the history of El Salvador.

Zibechi on New Latin American Governments

Raul Zibechi, a Uruguayan journalist and one of Latin Amerca's leading political analysts, looks at the relationship between the new progressive governments in Latin America and social movements.

No hay mujeres: Latin America women and gender equality

There has been real progress in guaranteeing the fuller participation of women in Latin American political life. The lessons of the past generation are a vital resource in ensuring that the process continues in the next, says Kristen Sample.

Bolivia: after the vote

A further decisive win for Evo Morales should settle debate about Bolivia's new constitution. But the divisions the campaign exposed ensure a bumpy ride ahead, says John Crabtree.

Cuba’s Revolution: Survival, Loyalty, Change

The Cuban revolution has been championed and assailed for five decades. But what are the real sources of its endurance, and will these be enough to extend its life far beyond its fiftieth anniversary?

The Snakes Sleep: Attacks against the Media and Impunity in Honduras

Sandra Cuffe looks at the attempts to stifle freedom of speech and the impunity granted to aggressors in Honduras since the coup in 2009.

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