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When São Paulo became a battlefield

The now-forgotten Tenentes rebellion in São Paulo in 1924 caused widespread destruction, killed many people, and paved the way for Getulio Vargas' reforms in the 1930s and, later, for the dictatorship

Chile: what happened to the pobladores?

During the 1960-73 period, squatter movements for better housing were active and effective. Brutally suppressed during the dictatorship, they have never regained their importance. Malcolm Boorer went to one, Herminda de la Victoria, to find out why.

Frente Amplio headed for victory in Uruguay’s October 2024 elections?

LAB caught up with Frente Amplio leader Fernando Pereira and his vice-president to find out how they propose to address the challenges the new government will face like the rise of the far-right, organised crime, and persistent poverty and marginalisation.

Brazil: Coup and Carnival

Brazilian police and the Supreme Court have released a video showing Bolsonaro plotting to deny the results of the presidential election and mount a coup. The leading Samba schools in this year's carnivals, by contrast, highlighted the lives of Indigenous Peoples and the culture of black Brazil

The Resistance of Argentine Memory in the Milei era

As Javier Milei prepares to take office, attacks on human rights, memory and the street tiles which mark arrests and disappearances are increasing.

Argentina: Milei promises to ‘take a chainsaw’ to the economy

Javier Milei's won a landslide victory in Argentina's presidential elections. He has promised to 'take a chainsaw' to the country's economy -- in dire trouble with inflation this year already at 143%. But can he convert a massive protest vote into real policies?

Guatemala’s president-elect warns of a coup

Powerful politicians in Guatemala overlooked the tiny centre-left Semilla Party who, with its offer of ‘a new Guatemalan Spring’, won a landslide victory against the UNE party of Sandra Torres on August 20.

Brazil: ‘Malvinas’ moment for the armed forces?

Have Brazil's armed forces been discredited, again, by their backing for Bolsonaro, his kleptocracy and his attempt to steal the elections?

Ecuador: killing leaves deep uncertainty

The assassination of Fernando Villavicencio, one of the leading candidates in the 20 August presidential elections, has plunged Ecuador into deep uncertainty. The Correístas might benefit were some of them not suspected of complicity in the crime.

Who will save Yasuní?

Ecuadorians go to the polls on 20 August 2023, to elect both a new president and 137 legislators for the country's National Assembly. They will also be given the choice to vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in a referendum, where a ‘Yes’ vote will shut down all oil extraction in Yasuní National Park.

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