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Peru: historic divisions and the National Police

Peru’s complicated history is mirrored in the controversies affecting the Peruvian National Police (PNP). The violent treatment of Indigenous anti-government demonstrators illustrates the prevalence of racialised discrimination in Peru’s society, whilst recent revelations about the PNP’s disciplinary crisis provide an insight into the nation’s internal divisions.

A travesty: The Economist on ‘isolated Indians’

An article in The Economist seriously misrepresents the Indigenous people affected by the Camisea drilling project for gas in the Peruvian Amazon. It reads like corporate PR for Argentine-Dutch oil consortium PlusPetrol

Peru: young girls chained in mining camp

A chance discovery of a gold mining dredge in Madre de Dios in the Peruvian Amazon led observers to a wretched miners' camp where youg girls were chained in a hut and used for sex.

Peru: why the terms ‘Lo Andino’ and ‘terruco’ still matter

Power and wealth in Peru reside on the coast. Poverty reins in the Andes, a problem Lima elites refer to as 'Lo Andino'. These divisions fuelled Shining Path and were behind the recent removal of Pedro Castillo from the presidency.

Tension on Independence Day in Lima

28 July is the Peruvian Day of Independence (Fiestas Patrias), yet the stale atmosphere in the capital this year is far from the norm.

What a load of greenwash!

A mining engineer with more than 40 years in the industry challenges the ESG frameworks used by mining companies to greenwash their activities

Pakucha: Andean cosmovision and Aymara rituals

This new documentary film depicts an Aymara community in Peru’s Puno region as they celebrate a fertility ritual in honour of Pakucha: the spirit of the alpaca that lives in the Andes.

Peru: Women of Influence

Indigenous women from the Junín area of the Peruvian Amazon made their own short films, depicting their lives and the challenges they face.

Accusations of human rights violations ripple through Peru 

Red Muqui shine a light on police repression and the violation of human rights in the context of recent social unrest in Peru, and dig deeper into the tensions underpinning the protests and the violent state response.

Peru: Castillo is gone, but can Boluarte survive?

President Castillo's doomed attempt to dissolve Congress led to his immediate impeachment and arrest. Vice President Dina Boluarte took over, but faces mass protests and a broadly hostile Congress. Can she survive?

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