Friday, July 20, 2018
NGO Climate Parliament has a vacancy in Santiago


Helps bridge the gap between home and school for children living in Ccorca, a Quechua district in southern Peru
The Latin American Council for the Social Sciences produced a fascinating blog about the Cup and its importance and impact on the countries of the Region.
Opencast mining at Bayovar, owned by a subsidiary of Brazilian giant Vale, is polluting the bay and the local environment.
Support for rural and indigenous women in Latin America affected by mining
Bad news: the government has approved the energy companies' environmental impact report.
Pope Francis faces a challenge to the Church's commitment to the rural poor and the environment, especially in Argentina. Will it challenge the power of the big mining corporations?
Signs that the new Pope has revived the spirit of Vatican II and rehabilitated parts of Liberation Theology -- so important in Latin America.
Peru's efforts to reduce poverty are at risk from the impact of climate change, one example of the problems facing the wider Amazonia region in a warming world.

Ecocide in Ecuador

The collapse of Yasuni Initiative has allowed pristine parts of the Ecuadorian Amazon to become vulnerable to oil exploration.

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