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Climate change & carbon trading

Indigenous community sues Colombian government

Twuliá Wayuu community sues Colombian government for climate change-induced coastal erosion causing devastating effects on their livelihood and culture in the northern La Guajira peninsula.

Rio Grande do Sul under water

The climate disaster in Brazil’s southernmost state has provoked commotion and solidarity but also questions and criticisms of the man-made causes which contributed to it.

Indigenous peoples cannot be solely responsible

Marcos Colón argues that Indigenous peoples cannot be made solely responsible for dealing with climate change and saving our planet. All of us must share that responsibility.

COP28: protest against Brazilian miner Vale’s ‘demagogy’

Black and Indigenous Brazilian protestors halted a joint panel at the COP28 climate conference, where the mining company Vale and government representatives were talking complacently about 'energy transition'.

‘The Cow Who Sang a Song into the Future’: a grim...

Chilean director Francisca Alegria’s surreal debut film is a 90-minute magical realist eco-fable that was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

UTAMA: confronting climate change with beauty and hope

UTAMA pertinently revolves around the conflict between traditional cultures and extreme globalization and portrays how Andean ancestral beliefs are at odds with the Western conceptions of progress which are fuelling climate change.

Peru: Landmark climate change lawsuit moves forward

Indigenous Peruvian farmer Saúl Luciano Lliuya is suing German energy company RWE AG for the costs of preventing the glacial Lake Palcacocha from flooding his hometown of Huaraz.

The Amazon: is this the Third World War?

What is happening in the Amazon is a war -- against the rainforest, its original inhabitants, and also against the rest of the world. Perhaps this is the Third World War, the war to end all wars?

Brazil: fighting desertification in Paraíba

In Brazil’s semi-arid northeast, family farmers are using technology and collective resource management to fight climate change and environmental degradation.

COP26: cognitive disconnections

Amazônia Latitude's Marcos Colón reports from Glasgow on the cognitive dissonance that affects COP26, where those most concerned about and those most affected by climate change are effectively excluded from the conference and governments and business bandy technological fixes.

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