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Yasuní National Park under threat once again

Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa now plans to continue oil extraction in Yasuní National Park – in defiance of the August national referendum result. Leonidas Iza, President of CONAIE, denounced the proposal as illegal and authoritarian.

Brazil: ‘Malvinas’ moment for the armed forces?

Have Brazil's armed forces been discredited, again, by their backing for Bolsonaro, his kleptocracy and his attempt to steal the elections?

Brazil: coup attempt provokes backlash

The Bolsonarist insurrection which invaded the Congress, Supreme Court and Presidential palace in Brazilia, has provoked outrage in Brazil and internationally. While it poses extremely serious problems for President Lula and the new government, the rebels succeeded in presenting themselves as vandals and terrorists.

Brazil: forward to the future or back to the past?

With Bolsonaro AWOL and his supporters claiming electoral fraud, fomenting violence and trying to provoke a military coup, Lula and the PT face massive difficulties and levels of polarisation remain extremely high

Brazil: the Prestes Column in Bahia

The 'Prestes Column' uprising against Brazil's oligarchy in the early 20th Century included an astonishing long march around Brazil, eventually reaching Bahia. Their legacy survives today.

Brazil: Lula on course for first round victory

Brazil's presidential election looks very likely to deliver a first round victory for Lula. Will Bolsonaro, like Trump, attempt to discredit the voting, or work to sabotage the new governmdent.

Massacre at Trelew: 50 years on

50 years on from the Trelew massacre where Argentine naval officers killed captured guerrilla prisoners in cold blood, one of the officers is found guilty by a US civil court

Brazil: letter for democracy

Recalling the famous 1977 Letter for Democracy, the 2022 Carta pela Democracia has gathered more than a million signatures from lawyers, academics, trade unionists, black leaders, business leaders and trades unionists -- all warning against any attempt by Bolsonaro to stage a coup if he should lose the presidential election

Brazil: not only bad, but mad

Jair Bolsonaro has launched a frontal assault on the same electoral system which brought him to the presidency. This is part of a three-pronged strategy to discredit Brazil's democracy and refuse to accept any outcome other than his own victory

Brazil: the influence of the ’18 of the Fort’

How a short-lived rebellion in 1922 by a tiny group of army officers inspired the 'tenentes' movement, influenced the 1964 military coup, and is still remembered today in street names, monuments and, perhaps, by a military debating its position in the 2022 elections.

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