Thursday, June 21, 2018
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A moving tribute to Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns on his 95th birthday
The arrest of the former speaker of Congress has sent shock-waves through Brasilia.
The PT (Workers' Party) fared very badly in the recent municipal elections and is unlikely to recover before 2018. The political system is entering a new era, but no one knows where it will lead.
Christian Aid's country representative lays out what is at stake in the peace referndum
Where demobilisation of the FARC may leave a dangerous vacuum and increased violence

Temer out!

Demonstrations against Brazil's new President, Michel Temer, widely regarded as a usurper, are taking place in many cities and towns.
UK Aid Agency Christian Aid hails the positive outcome of the peace process, but notes the challenges ahead.
Anti-Temer protests are spreading like wildfire as the new government is forced to make U turn after U turn
A sober assessment of the tasks facing the peace-makers. All parties must compromise and reconciliation cannot be rushed.
Protestors in London and other cities say 'No to the coup' and 'No impeachment'.

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