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Migration: Where Can We Live in Peace

The story of the ABBA House migrant shelter in Celaya, Mexico.



Migration is increasingly politicized. The US border will be a major election issue in 2024. Biden had even authorized an extension to the wall, something he promised he would never do. Around the world migrants are increasingly demonized.

Award-winning Canadian film maker Judy Jackson brings the moving story of the ABBA House migrant shelter in Celaya, Mexico. Founded by Pastor Ignacio it helps tens of thousands of migrants, many of whom are women and children. They are fleeing violence, crime, climate change and corruption in Latin America, and are desperately searching for a place where they can bring up their children in safety.

La Bestia – the train on which hundreds of Central American migrants travel illegally and in great danger through northern Mexico.

As they travel through Mexico on freight trains migrants are often robbed, raped, or beaten. Sadly, some fall from “La Bestia” (The Beast) and lose limbs.

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ABBA is the only shelter in Mexico that cares for those whose dreams are shattered by accidents. It helps them heal with dignity. The amputees here have even formed a band. Now Pastor Ignacio has been donated a large piece of land on which to create his vision of a Cultural and Human Rights Centre where amputees can heal. It will offer medical, music and art therapy, along with educational workshops. It will be an example to the world of what is possible. 

“WHERE CAN WE LIVE IN PEACE?” was screened in a small theatre in Mexico, audiences were so moved that they donated $41,000 for the development of the new Sanctuary for Migrants. The film has won many awards.

More details from the Director, here.


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