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Building a more just economy post-Covid – LAB Newsletter 26 August, 2022

We’re proud to release today an in-depth new digital chapter of LAB’s book Voices of Latin America – The Covid 19 Pandemic: Survival, by Emily Gregg.

Digital chapter of LAB's 'Vocies of Latin America' book available exclusively to Patreon subscribers

The arrival of Covid-19 in Latin America devastated the region. The pandemic exacerbated pre-existing issues such as gender-based violence, violations of Indigenous rights, and unequal access to information and education. Despite the adversities, the Coronavirus pandemic has also shown the strength and determination of communities struggling for a fairer society. Across the region, there are calls to build a more just economy and society than the one that was left behind.

Emily Gregg speaks to activists, social leaders, artists, and educators across the continent to learn how they survived the pandemic and supported their communities.

The full text is available to LAB’s Patreon subscribers from today and will be included in the next edition of the ‘Voices of Latin America book’ Do sign up as a LAB Patron if you’d like to read it now. On the Voices book website you can also find articles, videos, and information about LAB events linked to this chapter.

We continue to look for partners and funding for our Covid-19 project. Please get in touch if you are interested or can help.

News from the region

On 11 August, at over 70 law faculties up and down Brazil, thousands took part in pro-democracy demonstrations confronting Bolsonaro’s coup threats. Jan Rocha reports for LAB.

In the semi-arid northeast, family farmers are using technology and collective resource management to fight climate change and environmental degradation. Matty Rose translated this piece first published in Portuguese by Agência Pública, as part of LAB’s cross-publishing partnership with the Brazilian independent journalist collective.

Throughout the Amazon in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, impunity shrouds the killings of Indigenous Amazonian defenders. We republished this piece from our partners at Mongabay for our ongoing Environmental Defenders series.

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‘Despite everything – the media, the fear mongering, the status quo – Petro won […] Colombia has awakened.’ LAB intern, Valentina Hernández Gómez, translated this opinion piece from Colombian outlet 070 for LAB as part of an ongoing project portraying the challenges Colombians are currently facing to an English-speaking audience.

Yet as we look towards a brighter future for girls and women across Colombia, it is also important to look back and ensure victims of the armed conflict are not forgotten. Colombia’s Special Jurisdiction for Peace has demonstrated a commitment to female victims of the Colombian armed conflict. However, it is important that progress continues, argues Miriam Rodero for the Women Resisting Violence blog.

Are Cubans experiecing the worst national crisis since the Special Period? Here, Albert Gil makes sense of a new layered crisis in Cuba shaped by the pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Caribbean country’s internationally lauded healthcare system, a new generation in power, and a new culture of dissent.

Filmed over nine years, a new documentary by Venezuelan director Marianela Maldonado follows the intertwining lives of three teenagers from the barrio of Las Brisas in Valencia, Venezuela, as they struggle to become professional musicians in a country on the verge of collapse. Karoline Pelikan and Iñakapalla Chávez Bermúdez review the film for LAB.

Verônica de Macena Santos and her family live in the municipality of Solânea, where it rained approximately 100 millimeters across the whole of 2021. Photo: Camila de Almeida/Agência Pública

LAB News

Crossed Off The Map
‘Weaving together history, travel writing and reportage, he takes readers on a fascinating journey of Bolivia… one of the finest travel books that will be published this year’ (Mita Mistry) – Shafik Meghji’s Crossed Off The Map: Travels in Bolivia continues to garner rave reviews. Purchase your copy here or order it from your local bookshop, and if you have a spare moment, you can leave your own review of the book on Amazon (even if you didn’t buy the book there) – it really helps visibility and rankings!

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