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Transnational Perspectives on Urban Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) 

The research Transnational Perspectives on Urban Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) is an interdisciplinary project led from 2016 to 2018 that examined the localised and transnational dynamics of VAWG experienced by women in Maré, a favela community in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and among Brazilian migrant women in London.

Visual and Embodied Methodologies (VEM) Network

The Visual Embodied Methodologies (VEM) network, an initiative of the King’s College London Faculty of Social Sciences & Public Policy and led by Jelke Boesten, Rachel Kerr and Cathy McIlwaine, aims to create spaces of knowledge-exchange and research excellence around visual, embodied and art-based methodologies within, across and beyond Social Sciences.

Imaging Social Justice

This project showcases five initiatives in which social scientists work with artists to explore complex research questions around societies’ tendency to marginalise certain population groups. These five projects explore the dynamics of such active marginalisation and in doing so, give voice to those whose lived realities are shaped by the structures of exclusion and routine violence in Rwanda, Palestine, Ecuador, Brazil, and London.

Gender Justice Memory is a platform for thinking about transformative gender justice in transitional societies led by Jelke Boesten at King’s College London and Helen Scanlon at the University of Cape Town. While designed as a research project based in academia, the platform aims to bridge scholarship and the arts for social change through networks and partnerships. This is an evolving collaborative research project.

Feminist Perspectives blog

Feminist Perspectives is a blog created to publish research-based work – like academic research and think pieces – and art-based projects that use gender as a category of analysis or explore it as part of a creative process. It aims to bring together students, scholars, artists and activist and to create an outlet to discuss gender from a multidisciplinary and intersectional perspective.