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Chocolate Remix: Lo que las mujeres quieren


Lesbian Reggaeton: ‘Lo que las mujeres quieren’ (What girls want). With English subtitles.

Chocolate Remix is the reggaetón project led by Romina Bernardo (aka Chocolate) since 2014. It criticises the machismo associated with this genre and ‘resignifies’ it, using the same musical logic, creating a new concept of what it calls ‘Lesbian Reggaeton’. This idea plays with the stereotypes and typical roles of the reggateton genre, and takes advantage of its characteristically strong sexual content to appropriate and recreate it in the language of queer, including themes such as feminine pleasure and sexuality, and denouncing with its lyrics the various ways in which the feminist and LGBT collectives are affected, by discrimination, censorship and violence.

Video: Chocolate Remix, September 2014


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