Feminist groups in Argentina and abroad greeted the New Year in celebration as the country’s National Congress voted in favour of the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy Bill, which will allow childbearing people in the country to access abortion for free in public hospitals up to 14 weeks pregnancy.

Argentina, we dance

Argentina’s strict lockdown measures have seen an outpouring of solidarity for queer tango in Buenos Aires. Edgardo Fernández Sesma, LGBTQI+ activist and queer tango teacher holds tango classes using none of the heteronormative gender dynamics traditionally assumed by ‘male’ and ‘female’ dancers.
EmpoderArte, a Peruvian-based NGO which offers a decentralised film education to women, Karoline organises and runs workshops up and down Peru, mobilising hundreds of women to discover and embrace the emancipatory power of storytelling.
Peru’s official contender for the Oscars, Song Without A Name (Canción sin nombre) follows a young indigenous woman as she searches for her child, stolen at birth in a fake health clinic in Lima.
Argentina boasts some of the most liberal laws in the world when it comes to LGBTQ Rights, though director Martina Matzkin stresses in an interview that this does not translate to societal acceptance of trans people.
Queer Tango teacher and LGBTQ+ activist Edgardo Fernández Sesma tells LAB’s Nina Meghji about navigating the digital space, the impact of lockdown on Buenos Aires’ elder residents, and the economic implications for Buenos Aires’ tango community post Covid-19.
Gender-based movement restrictions came into effect in Bogotá this Monday (13 April), permitting men and women to go out for essential trips on alternate days. The measure, announced last week by the city’s mayor Claudia López Hernández as an attempt to curb the spread of Covid-19, has received criticism from trans rights groups. Bogotá is following in the...
In a follow-up to his article about social media and democracy, Robert Eveson reports on the work of Colombian NGO Fundación Karimsma to improve the internet safety of women and other minority groups. A Machitroll is a species found online that is characterised by the ferocious desire to attack each time it encounters feminist content on the Internet. There are...

A rapist in your path

On  20 November, a group of four women known as Las Tesis from Valparaíso, Chile, unknowingly started what would become an international phenomenon in the global struggle against sexism and gender-based violence: they performed the anti-machista anthem and routine ‘Un Violador en tu Camino’ for the first time. The group hoped that the song would spread feminist theory in a simple way to people who...
2 July 2019 Dear LAB Supporter and Friend Threats multiply - to women, diversity and the environment Somos Guerreras is a collective of seasoned artists comprised of rappers Rebeca Lane (Guatemala), Nakury (Costa Rica) and Audry Funk (Mexico). They are visiting London for the first time in early July, and will appear at the Festival of Latin American Women in the Arts...

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