Thursday, December 2, 2021

Peru’s grim Covid record

Why did Peru suffer 200,000 deaths in a population of less than 33 million?

K – the story of a search

Bernardo Kucinski's searing memoir 'K' tells the story of the agonised search by a father for his disappeared daughter, kidnapped and eventually murdered by the Brazilian military dictatorship. LAB published the English translation in 2013 and you can order copies here. Now the original Portuguese version has been brought to life in a dramatised reading by Militantes en Cena.
Amazônia Latitude's Marcos Colón reports from Glasgow on the cognitive dissonance that affects COP26, where those most concerned about and those most affected by climate change are effectively excluded from the conference and governments and business bandy technological fixes.
MinA Migrants in Action performance People's Palace Projects Brazilian women in London
Migrants in Action (MinA) is a community theatre group both established and run by Brazilian women who've suffered gender violence. Together they advocate for the wellbeing and visibility of the Brazilian community in the UK and Europe. 
An estimated 100,000 people took part in the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice in Glasgow on Saturday 6 November, in Glasgow, site of the ongoing COP26 UN Climate Conference. Brazil the pariah As custodian of one of the world's largest carbon sinks (the Amazon rainforest), Brazil's role was sure to be crucial. Amazônia Latitude reported: ' ‘Brazil, once a leader...

Deforestation Counter

Dramatic live counter shows the number of trees felled in the Brazilian Amazon -- more than 9 million just in the first six days of COP26
Alberto Fuentes, co-director of the Historical Police Archive of Guatemala, and Ana Lucía Cuevas reviewing documents found at what is now known as the Historical Archives of the National Police of Guatemala, c/o
In September, the presiding judge in the Death Squad Diary case stated the defendants had a case to answer – good news for the search for justice in Guatemala. But in October, the lead prosecutor was transferred from her role investigating genocide and mass human rights violations. This was a critical blow to Guatemala's justice system.
LAWRS Latin American Women's Rights Service resources
Founded in 1983, The Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) is a feminist human rights organisation, run by and for Latin American women living in the UK. 

Critical Times for LAB

LAB is in urgent need of funding. This is a truly critical moment for us – by the end of November we will no longer have the funds to employ our three members of staff, who have been working part time for us for almost a year. And we won’t be able to coordinate our wonderful team of translators, researchers and writers. All have made a huge contribution.
Gold, Oil and Avocados Andy Robinson
'Gold, Oil and Avocados, A Recent History of Latin America in Sixteen Commodities' by Andy Robinson is a detailed account of export extractivism in Latin America, offering rich context.

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