Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Land occupations

perfectly illustrate the themes we explored in our last newsletter: who controls the natural resources and how this is being contested;

Land in Latin America

Land is an issue that underlies almost every aspect of life in Latin America.
As Barack Obama flies to Cartagena in Colombia this week to attend the Summit of Americas, LAB has produced a special issue of the newsletter focussed on relations between Latin America and the United States.
Soya, a plant that was virtually unknown throughout the world (outside China) until the 1940s, has transformed farming in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia.
In this newsletter, the second in our series on women, we have commissioned two articles looking specifically at the female presidents of two leading countries in the region: Cristina Fernández in Argentina and Dilma Rousseff in Brazil.

Carbon credits

This week we are focusing on the way carbon credits are being used in Latin America. Along with many of our partners, we are deeply concerned at the way the system is being abused.

Letter from Manaus

Last week I went to Manaus for a conference.  It was 40 years since the first time I'd been there.  Manaus then was a small town of elegant old houses dating from the rubber boom, built around the grandiose Opera House,  a town of  precarious shanties

From Copenhagen to Brazil

Live link-ups with Javier Farje in Copenhagen and Jan Rocha in Brazil and panel discussions with Peter Bunyard, Sue Branford & John Hilary.

Brazil Focus

Lula’s Achievement: from Neo-Liberalism to ‘Neo-Developmentalism’ (and definitely not Socialism)

Letter from São Paulo 1

Last week we dined by candle light - not from choice but because a giant blackout left all of Sao Paulo, Rio and 16 other states without power for nearly 4 hours. Sixty million people were affected - stranded in lifts, on trains, on the underground.

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