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Carlos Fonseca Teran, deputy leader of the Sandinista International Department and son of one of the founding members of the FSLN,talks to LAB's Nick Caistor.
Colombian community leaders face threats and attacks, as the case of a community in the Choco region shows.
Colombian journalist Claudia Julieta Duque is among the ten most threatened reporters in the world.
Former President Alvaro Uribe is critical of the current Colombian government's attempts to secure peace with the FARC guerrillas.
Legal battles in the United States are obscuring the fact that communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon have received no compensation from Texaco/Chevron for environmental damage caused over 20 years.
The oil giant is using SLAPP litigation to stifle human rights advocates and, in Ecuador, to stall compensation claims for environmental damage caused by its operations in the Amazon.

Ecocide in Ecuador

The collapse of Yasuni Initiative has allowed pristine parts of the Ecuadorian Amazon to become vulnerable to oil exploration.

Beyond El Dorado

An exhibition at London's British Museum explores the early societies in Colombia and the place of gold in their beliefs.
A summer exhibition at London's Royal Academy explores the art and photography produced during the years of revolution in Mexico from 1910-1940.
Enrique Pena Nieto's government will soon decide whether to allow transnational companies to start the commercial planting of GM maize, but opposition is growing among Mexican farmers, scientists and activists.

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