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Sixteen years after the event, the two commanders of the Eldorado dos Carajas massacre, in which 19 people were killed, are finally jailed.
Protests and demonstrations greet inexplicable appointment by Brazil's Congress
A few minutes from Maracanã stadium, urban Indigenous village struggles to save an historical building in danger as Brazil's World Cup approaches
Despite widespread protests, a group of indians from different ethnic groups has been violently evicted from a building very close to the famous Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro.
Indians have occupied the main construction sites for the huge Belo Monte dam and the government has responded by banning journalists.
Despite government denials, video and photos posted on the internet give clear evidence of the excessive use of violence by the police in São Paulo
Will the protests be co-opted, or do they point the way to another, better society?
The Brazilian government is about to approve the construction of the country’s largest ever gold mine at Volta Grande on the Xingu River, only a short distance from the site of the internationally criticised Belo Monte dam.
While public transport activists condemn the violence used against the São Paulo military police colonel in a demonstration, they are also critical of the authorities’ failure to repudiate the violence used by the police against many demonstrators.
A textbook from the Escuelita, the Zapatista 'little school', to help you learn about autonomous government.

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