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Bulletin 2 February 2010

Venezuela: opposition press rallies against Chávez ♦ Haiti: primer minister criticises charity workers ♦ Brazil: film about Lula, a “flop” ♦ Argentina: former President “benefited” of privileged information &di

Bulletin 1 february 2010

Mexico: Mass murder in Ciudad Juárez ♦ Haiti: Charity may have tried to save “orphans” whose parents are alive ♦ Peru: Thousands lose their homes because of rain and landslides ♦ Argentina: Author of Santa Evita dies &diam

Bulletin 28 January 2010

 Honduras: new President takes office ♦ Peru: Five people die from rains in Cuzco ♦ Haiti: another survivor rescued ♦ Mexico to buy dollars to boost reserves ♦ Indigenous peoples worry for climate change

Bulletin 27 January 2010

Guatemala: former president arrested ♦ Venezuela: Chávez appoints new vice-president amid street protests ♦ Haiti: survivor found under rubble after rescue operations are suspended ♦ Peru coffee exports growing fast ♦ More deman

Bulletin 26 January 2010

Haiti to lead its own reconstruction ♦ Venezuela: students die in government demonstration for TV closures, and minister resigns ♦ Peru: Rains leave tourists stranded in Machu Picchu ♦ Brazil in better shape than China ♦ Venezue

Bulletin 25 January 2010

Haiti: relief operations criticised ♦ Women are still dying in Haiti ♦ Dominican Republic praised for emergency help ♦ Venezuela: closure of TV stations causes unrest ♦ Brazil: Real set to get strong again ♦ Chile: water i

The Militarisation of Haiti

US analyst Phyliis Bennis, from the Institute for Polciy Studies in Washington DC, argues that Pentagon priorities once again dominate in Haiti. The UN’s aid agenda, she says, is being marginalised, with the US sending in planeloads of so

The Other Haiti

Sue Branford recalls a vibrant country, full of colour and music.

Bulletin 22 January 2010

Haiti: President admits lack of coordination ♦ Port-au-Prince port, back in business ♦ Thousands to be relocated ♦ Peru: Shinning Path followers form political party ♦ Latin America on way to recovery ♦ Peru: cli

Pentagon Agenda Dominates in Haiti

US analyst Phyliis Bennis argues that Pentagon priorities once again dominate in Haiti.  

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