The new Haitian government is having problems to put the country back on track
The author visits an inspiring reforestation project in Haiti.
In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, millions of dollars have been spent on ambitious rebuilding projects for the capital Port-au-Prince that appear to have come to nothing.
After days of violent street protests, Haiti’s Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant and his cabinet resigned on Saturday July 14. The resignations followed a widespread backlash against the steep rise in fuel prices – a 38% hike on gasoline, 47% on diesel and 51% on kerosene. Al Jazeera report published on July 8 (added by LAB). Buildings and cars were burned,...

Bulletin 20 January 2010

Haiti: US control distribution of emergency aid ♦ People flee Port-au-Prince ♦ Private security instead of police, with death penalty included ♦ Mexico: Drug cartel “auditor” arrested ♦ Brazil: tax on foreign purch
Human rights advocates are receiving frequent and credible threats of assassination from associates of ex-Dictator Jean-Cluade Duvalier.
The author argues that the United Stated wants to replicate the 'Arab Spring' in Cuba.
The run-off for the presidential elections are set for January 24 2016 but many observers are questioning their democratic validity. This article by the UK based Haiti Support Group highlights the many ways in which Haitian elections can be manipulated.


Food aid is clearly working against what aid agencies are hoping to accomplish.
The Federal Government is using delays and excuses to evade responsibility for the appalling conditions in migrant shelters.

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