Mexico: Calderón presents plan for Ciudad Juárez ♦ Haiti: US missionaries released ♦ Peru: “Accomplice” of Montesinos arrested ♦ Lula changes his party’s economic plans ♦ Forest fires continue in Venezuela

Bulletin 18 February 2010

Haiti: US missionaries to go home ♦ Oil exploration to go ahead despite Argentinean obstacles ♦ Mexico: Calderón returns to Ciudad Juarez and promises more help ♦ Peru: oil sector will grow in 2010 ♦ Venezuela: calls to declare

Bulletin 25 February 2010

Argentina: Government fights on two fronts ♦ Cuba: Lula says farewell ♦ Venezuela: Government rejects report from Inter American Committee ♦ Brazil: Biggest bank increases profits ♦ El Niño goes heavy on Latin America


Chile: Government gets tough with looters in the middle of the chaos – Terrestrial communications restored – the earthquake tests progress ♦ Guatemala: drug traffic reaches the head of police ♦ Brazil: sugar cane production due
Violence is not the only curse of Ciudad Juarez. Exploitation of workers is another one, argues Kent Paterson
Javier Farje from LAB analyses Mexico's failed war on the cartels

Mexico’s new dirty war

Kent Paterson reports from Mexico City on forced disappearances, murders and other violations of human rights reminiscent of dirty war tactics. 
The author argues that a new immigration law in Arizona will create tensions in the border with Mexico.
As protests against Arizona's immigration law grow, LAB explains how the Republican legislators shot themselves in the foot.
A group of Colombian and foreign academics is protesting against aerial spraying of glyphosate on Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities.

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