Saturday, July 24, 2021
Santos hailed the success of ‘Operation Diamond’ as he confirmed on 29 December the death of Guerrero, the head of the criminal group called the Popular Anticommunist Revolutionary Army of Colombia (ERPAC).
As a result of the Nov. 2 elections in the US, right-wing extremists are poised to re-set the legislative agenda on Latin America in the House of Representatives.
Zapatistas return home after being violently forced from their homes after they stood up to the government over their wish for autonomous education. Davies discusses their fight for autonomy against a government they see as corrupt.
Messages of support from all over the world have been pouring in to the widely respected Colombian Senator, Piedad Cordoba, after the inspector-general's unexpected decision to kick her out of Congress. 
Over the last few months the FNRP has collected 1.2 million signatures from all over the country for a petition demanding a new constitution
Hopes for a prisoner-for-hostage swap follow release of Sergeant Moncayo, reports IPS.

Bulletin 15 February 2010

Colombia: guerrilla attack candidate ♦ Uruguay: new parliament to start work ♦ Ecuador and China increase military cooperation ♦ Argentinean film wins prestigious award ♦ European Union speeds up controversial agreement with Cen


Venezuela rejects Colombian accusations of illegal incursion ♦ Brazilian President cancels trip to Davos due to illness ♦ Peru: guerrilla leader “surrounded” ♦ Chile: salmon production to fall ♦ Venezuelan parliament

Bulletin 11 December 2010

 Venezuela: devaluation causes chaos ♦  Colombia: right-wing para-military infiltration behind political assassinations ♦ Argentina: payment of public debt sparks off heated debate

BULLETIN 29 December 2009

Argentina: First gay wedding in Latin America ♦ Venezuela: Chávez accuses Colombia of linking him with rebels ♦ Chile to hand over report on “espionage” in Peru ♦ Bolivia ends the year without new investment ♦ Brazil

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