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Colombia's current peace process is at least attempting to involve the victims of war and violence and adopt a 'territorial' approach. But members of the Peace Community in Antioquia and Córdoba remain sceptical.
A debate rages within the student community at the Nacional University in Bogotá about whether or not political graffiti should be permitted.
Paramilitaries, perhaps fearful of the peace negotations in Cuba, are issuing death threats to members of the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó and neighbouring families
Peace negotiators in Havana have at last signed off the Agreement on Victims, a key part of the peace process and a great advance.
Students at the Nacional University in Bogotá give a fascinating insight into life in Colombia
Real efforts are being made to promote not just dialogue, but real conversation among all actors in Colombia's peace process, at local as much as at national level
For the national peace process to succeed, local communities need to make sense of their past and keep alive historical memory.
An appeal by the main guerrilla group for intellectuals and artists to join in building the new Colombia
As the country awaits the signing of a definitive ceasefire, the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet offers instructive parallels.
The last two pending points in the 4-year negotiations are agreed and the complete final agreement is ready to be signed.

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