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President Mujica's humble life and style have been widely popular, but not everyone likes or respects him. Javier Farje reports from Montevideo.
In 1980, I was working for small weekly newspaper in my native Peru called Kausachum, a quechua word that means ‘Long life’. The editor was Augusto Zimmerman, an experienced journalist who had been the press chief of General Juan Velasco, former leader of an improbable left-wing military government from 1968 to 1975. One day, Luis González Posadas, Velasco’s brother-in-law and a member of the...
In this blog from Managua, LAB editor Javier Farje, writes about the trials and tribulation of the Sandinistas who are not prepared to lay down the weapon of hope.
Younger Chileans seem remarkably unbothered by the continuation of a constitution framed under the dictatorship.
Independence, statehood or status quo: Puerto Ricans cannot decide
It will soon be two years since the PRI returned to power and people from different walks of life are already fed up with the lack of progress in the economy and education. LAB editor Javier Farje reports from Mexico City
Two of the Cuban Five - René González and Fernando González - are back in Cuba but their thoughts are still with their imprisoned compatriots. Lab editor Javier Farje writes from Havana.


Oil is both a blessing and a curse to Venezuela. The country's presidents mismanage it at their peril.
This is a government obsessed with Simón Bolivar, writes Javier, in his last post from the country.
In his first post from Venezuela, Javier Farje finds deep uncertainty: Is Chávez alive? Will he live? Whither the revolution?

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