Saturday, July 24, 2021
Film. Crudo ('Crude oil'). Directed by Joe Berlinger. Red Envelope & Entendre Films. 1hr 44mins. 2009. English subtitles.
A court in Ecuador has upheld a US$18bn award against Chevron for the deliberate contamination of the Ecuadorean Amazon.  Even though the company will appeal, it is a landmark decision. 

Ecuador’s cunning plan

A plan to save the rainforest in Ecuador is getting atention from the world.  

Ecuador: why the coup failed

Effective social mobilisation, international solidarity and the courage of President Correa foiled the coup, says Atilio Boron.
In a new book, Dancing with Dynamite, journalist Ben Dangl describes the growing discontent of social movements in the governments they brought to power. He explains his views in a short video. 
Electoral law reforms adopted in 2012 have changed how the press could cover the 2013 presidential campaign.
The leading indigenous organisation, CONAIE, has published an open letter in response to the crisis affecting the country.
Some foreing oil companies want to leave Ecuador because of a law tham forces them to provide services instead of only make geberate profits from Ecuador's vast crude reserves.
The President of the Kichwa people of Rukullakta in Ecuador protests against Canadian oil company Ivanhoe Energy's plans for the Pungarayacu oil field.
 Huge pressure is being put put on Bolivia and Ecuador. John Vidal reports.

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