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The Poor Always Pay: The Electoral Crisis in Haiti

Beverly Bell looks at the real winners and losers from the crisis which has taken over since the disputed elections in Haiti on 28th November. Regardless of who is drawn the winner in the second round, it is the poor, who number the greatest, who will

Cuban Medics: a Big Force on Haiti Cholera Frontline

As Haiti's population continues to battle the cholera epidemic, Cuban medics rally to help with trained personnel. Having established a presence in the country 12 years ago during Hurricane George they know the landsape they are operating in

Haiti: The business of disaster

Haiti: the business of disaster. US corporations are profiting handsomely from the large quantities of food aid, mostly rice, which is being brought into the country in the wake of the earthquake. But this rice is sounding the death kn

Haiti’s Sham Election Shames US

Washington cannot confer legitimacy on this flawed election that does nothing for Haitians living under tarps, menaced by cholera.

Haiti’s Wildlife Faces Mass Extinction

Due to extreme deforestation Haiti is now facing a possible extinction event as key indicator species are already under threat.

Cholera riots shrink, small demo in Haiti capital

Following anti-UN rioting in Haiti on Wednesday things calm down amid concerns for the forthcoming elections.

Haitians turn on UN peacekeepers they blame for cholera outbreak

Rioters and troops clash amid claims from locals that Nepalese soldiers working for UN mission brought disease to country.

Haiti: The Stakes of the Post-Quake Elections

Haiti prepares to go to the polls later this month in perhaps the most important elections in its history, as the country seeks post-disaster stability.

Haitian farmers reject Monsanto’s seeds

Farmers threaten to burn seeds donated by Monsanto.

Empty Promises and Empty Bellies

Keven Edmonds looks at how Bill Clinton destroyed Haiti's farmers.

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