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Protest movements: the growing anger of the middle classes

Why middle class militancy in developing countries is only just beginning -- thoughts from a Nigerian commentator very relevant to Brazil, Mexico, Chile and other Latin American countries.

Haiti’s fight against cholera “In deep shit?”

Haiti is the only country in the world where provision of sanitation decreased in the last decade: cholera will remain endemic for many years.

The Never-Ending Eviction: Demolition, protest and police violence in a Rio...

Panic and despair in Favela do Metrô-Mangueira, next to the World Cup final stadium, as authorities order demolition of 12 homes.

Haiti: No sweat

The Caracol Industrial park, intended as the flagship post-earthquake development project, has been little short of a disaster.

Venezuela: fear of a ‘Syria’ scenario

The 'colectivos' inspire fear and loathing in the Venezuelan opposition, but what are they?

Brazilian Favelas: ‘I Died In The Mare’

Mare Favela children speak in a crowd-funded documentary film about life in a Brazilian urban slum.

Brazil: Favela pacification at the heart of new violence

Why the much-praised UPP programme seems to be stumbling amid signs of a new spiral of violence.

Brazil: Why Is Blackwater helping to train the World Cup security...

An American private company accused of committing human rights violations in Iraq is helping Brazil with its security for the World Cup.

The 2014 World Cup: Prosperity for FIFA Means Pain for Brazil

Next week the FIFA World Cup tournament starts in Brazil and many Brazilians don't seem to be very happy about the world biggest football carnival coming to town.

We was robbed (again)…

It could have been so different. Instead Brazil got corruption, repression, white elephant megastadiums... and FIFA

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