Monday, October 23, 2017
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Taking the 'country of the future' back to the past Sao Paulo, 20th October. It seems that Michel Temer will stop at nothing to buy his survival as president: even changing the rules to make it more difficult to rescue workers trapped into slavery and to punish employers caught using them. All this to please the powerful Bancada Ruralista, rural lobby,...
As the city rises up the development index, Bogotá’s waste services are undergoing structural transformation. Rachel Simon learns how Colombia’s waste-picking recicladores are fighting to play their part as services are commercialised, and to do so with better pay, recognition, and conditions. This article was first published in Resource Magazine. You can read the original here. Mention Colombia and the first...
Sâo Paulo. April 19. The sheer scale and volume of the gigantic bribery operation that has been bankrolling the entire infrastructure of Brazilian politics over the last 30 years is breathtaking. The details, revealed by the declarations of over 70 executives of Brazil’s top construction company, Odebrecht, to teams of public prosecutors investigating the Lava Jato corruption scandal, would...

Rio: from kudos to chaos

In less than three months Rio has passed from the splendour and success of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to a state of public calamity and chaos. The state government is bankrupt; salaries are in arrears, hospitals are at breaking point, suppliers are unpaid.  The causes include the steep drop in the royalties enjoyed by Rio when the oil price...
Fires in the Amazon rage at record levels, while Michel Temer government prepares to sign Paris agreement on climate change next week.
Argentine agriculture is dominated by GM soya yet local residents increasingly fear that the pesticides used to cultivate it are making them sick.
Brazil promised "Green Games for a Blue Planet". But did it deliver?
The programme introduced by acting President Michel Temer consists of extreme neo-liberal measures that the government believes can be imposed by force. But will it work?
Passe Livre has held 7 mass demonstrations in São Paulo aiming to force the government to rescind fare rises.
The last episode in Brazil's fast-moving political drama around the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff gives us more arrests, head-butting and fisticuffs.

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