Saturday, October 21, 2017
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Posts and reviews from the eighth year of the CASA Latin American Theatre Festival, London
Increasingly abandoned by her old left-wing allies and viciously attacked by the right, President Dilma Rousseff looks increasingly lonely. Impeachment has become a real possibility.
Local residents in the idyllic island of Île-à-Vache are fighting back as greedy politicians try to take over their island off the coast of Haiti.
Land, its ownership, demarcation, use, settlement and exploitation have been and remain at the heart of many of the social struggles in Brazil.
Re-thinking the city of São Paulo
São Paulo's ongoing water crisis highlights the role of water company Sabesp and the failure of the 'public-private' partnership model.
Documentary project Volume Vivo is releasing a series of films to chart the progress and causes of the acute water crisis in Brazil's most populous state.
A new middle class is flaunting its wealth, in original ways: startling new palaces are being created in the El Alto district of La Paz.
How long can the authorities dither over the growing water crisis affecting Brazil's southeast?
Brazilian documentary makers are currently working to discover the way water is used in Brazil’s most populated area. Volume Vivo is an audiovisual research project that intends to look at the causes of, and the solutions for, the São Paulo water crisis.

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