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Peru: historic divisions and the National Police

Peru’s complicated history is mirrored in the controversies affecting the Peruvian National Police (PNP). The violent treatment of Indigenous anti-government demonstrators illustrates the prevalence of racialised discrimination in Peru’s society, whilst recent revelations about the PNP’s disciplinary crisis provide an insight into the nation’s internal divisions.

Bust of Berta Cáceres shows ‘lack of respect’

A bust of Berta Cáceres was installed in a square in Tegucigalpa's civic centre, next to a bank owned by the Atala family, who have been accused as one of the masterminds behind her murder. This piece was originally published in Spanish by Contracorriente.

Colombia: soundscapes of violence for peace

The candlelit event 'On the Verge of Silence: Sonic and Poetic Fragments’, blended soundscapes and testimonies from Colombia's Truth Commission Final Report to create an immersive atmosphere and disposition to listening

Inequality fuels violence

Notably, deep-rooted inequalities and a weak state have allowed a destabilising narcotics economy to flourish across Latin America, argues Andrew Nickson Relying on the export of primary products has reinforced inequality

Peru: young girls chained in mining camp

A chance discovery of a gold mining dredge in Madre de Dios in the Peruvian Amazon led observers to a wretched miners' camp where youg girls were chained in a hut and used for sex.

Guatemala’s president-elect warns of a coup

Powerful politicians in Guatemala overlooked the tiny centre-left Semilla Party who, with its offer of ‘a new Guatemalan Spring’, won a landslide victory against the UNE party of Sandra Torres on August 20.

Brazil: palm oil producers launch an avalanche of litigation

Oil palm producer Brazilian Biofuels is accused of violating land rights and using violence against those who oppose its intrusion onto indigenous and quilombo lands. Its response has been to launch a wave of law suits targeting protestors, prosecutors and even the police

Mexico: the ‘efecto corruptor’

Netflix docu-series 'A Kidnapping Scandal: The Florence Cassez Affair' sheds light on one of Mexico's most controversial corruption cases –without glorifying the horror experienced.

Brazil’s democracy is far from safe

Lula acted decisively to halt the Bolsonarist insurgents who invaded the centre of government in Brasilia on 8 January. But coup-mongers are numerous and active, not least within the armed forces, while the right retains control of Congress.

Colombia: can Petro achieve lasting peace?

In Caldono, residents are torn between optimism and a weary acceptance of the conflict that has plagued their community for decades.

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