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Christian Aid responds to prospect of DFID losing its independence LAB adds: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced to parliament on 16 June that DFID, the Department for International Development, responsible for all UK overseas aid, will be merged with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the UK's ministry for foreign affairs.
Book review The Violence of Democracy - Political Life in Postwar El Salvador  The Violence of Democrary book cover By: Ainhoa Montoya Published: 2018, Palgrave Macmillan, 303 pp, £17.99 paperback, £13.99 e-book. You can order a copy here.
Sunset over Guatemala City marks another day of widening inequality and increasing despair as Covid-19 cases continue to rise. With the country’s informal economy taking a huge hit in an already inequitable society, citizens have been taking to the streets waving white flags in a show of desperation and hunger. As The Guardian has reported, nearly...
Chile's protests were thwarted when the arrival of Coronavirus forced the population to stay at home. As the impact of the quarantine takes its toll and people are becoming desperate for food, one art collective is censored and attacked for highlighting the struggle. Main image courtesy of _dibujossad.
In what has become a daily ritual in Brasilia, the sleek black car stops by the band of fervent Bolsonaristas waiting outside the Alvorada Palace exit, the President steps out and glad-hands his supporters. But although he wears the presidential sash, this ‘president’ is not Jair Bolsonaro, but a comedian impersonating him,...
On 10 December, Alberto Fernández and his deputy Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (no relation) assumed the Argentine presidency marking an end to the right wing administration of Mauricio Macri. The General Election had been held on 27 October with 33,858,733 Argentines heading to the polls, representing a turnout of just under 82%. The victorious Fernández, at the helm of...
In addition to our website, LAB’s Facebook page provides a daily stream of summaries and links to articles published elsewhere. In this newsletter we have done away with our ‘Read more…’ rubric – the links to LAB and other articles appear as hyperlinks in the text. A wave of protest sweeps the continent
On the 18th of October 2019, mass fare dodging in Santiago de Chile expanded into city-wide protests and violence. Initially in response to a transport price hike, the situation subsequently developed into a nation-wide movement against Chile’s stark inequality issues. Amongst the cities where protests and marches are in full swing is Talca, where students of the University of Talca have voted this...
LAB received this report from a long-term friend and supporter in Chile. Santiago, 1 November Dear friends at LAB, our country received so much help from you in its struggle to regain democracy, that I decided to send you this mini-report. After all, what are friends for?

The Chilean Spring

It is spring in the Southern hemisphere. But in Chile, this spring is different - Santiago, 29 October ‘Chile has woken up’  is one of the most popular slogans in the recent eruption of social unrest in the country. It has been fêted as the most prosperous country of Latin America, a model, and most...

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