Two of the activists behind the GMO moratorium explain, in an interview with LAB, how Peru managed to become the latest Latin American country to achieve a moratorium on GMOs. In Spanish
In December 2011 Peru became the latest country in Latin America to ban genetically modified organisms. But can it be sustained?
The area covered by genetically modified crops has been growing rapidly but the anti-GM campaign is far from defeated.
On the 25th May, more than 450 cities in the world marched against Monsanto, and San Jose was no exception.
The UK's six largest supermarkets have quietly decided to allow more GM soya into the food chain, despite horrific evidence of the impact of the GM soya boom in Argentina.
As Paraguay's first election campaign since the overthrow of Fernando Lugo gets under way, an opponent of soya monoculture is murdered
A new report from GRAIN charts the massive GMO invasion under way across the region, spearheaded by operations in Mexico
A provincial court in Argentina has found two people guilty of illegally spraying agro-chemicals close to a residential area in Cordoba.
The Franco government has approved the cultivation of genetically modified corn and cotton, but a new movement is seeking to oppose the measure.
Monsanto and the government's 'soyalisation' programme threaten the health of thousands and have contributed to escalating violence, including four murders, according to respected Argentine human rights campaigners.

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