Wednesday, October 20, 2021
President Santos has been praised internationally for banning the use of glyphosate, now declared a 'probable carcinogenic', but the spraying of coca is still continuing. It's too soon to celebrate.
In a surprising move Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has decided to end the spraying of Monsanto's Round Up as a means of eradicating coca.
Brazil's National Cancer Institute is concerned about the health of the country's population, now that glyphosate, widely used in the cultivation of soya, has been classified as a "probable carcinogen".
There's been a real explosion in obesity and diabetes in Mexico, largely because NAFTA has changed profoundly the country's food systems.
FAO optimism about eliminating hunger ignores climate change, which will present a big risk for the continent.
Alarm at new dengue emergency where GM mosquito trials conducted.
A book by the former CIA bureau chief for Latin America head tells us more about his mind-set than the details of his activities.
State of emergency decreed in town with GM mosquitoes
Last week's quiet victory over Monsanto in Campeche may have huge implications for native Indian groups in the US and Canada.
Large-scale commercial farming, particularly of soya, is imposing GMOs and destroying rural livelihoods.

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