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Mexican Drug Violence Sparks Exodus

About 300 families flee Cuidad Meir following days of gang battles triggered by killing of Tony the Tormenta.

Colombia: world leader in displaced people

UN says Colombia has more people displaced by violence than any other country.

Wall Street and the Criminalization of Immigrants

Hedge funds -- and members of the US Congress -- profit from the incarceration of a million immigrants.

Entire US-Mexico Border to Be Guarded by Predator Drones

Surveillance on the US -Mexico border to be increased by the introduction of new drones. Taylor Barnes discusses security issues.

Mexico’s Arizona Moment

Frontera Norte Sur reports on the drug-traffickers' mass murder of international migrants that took place last week in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, Mexico (Gulf coast).  

Colombia: internationational protest over fumigations

A group of Colombian and foreign academics is protesting against aerial spraying of glyphosate on Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities.

Arizona at Epicentre of Divisive U.S. Immigration Debate

The author argues that a new immigration law in Arizona will create tensions in the border with Mexico.

Arizona immigration law: the backlash starts

As protests against Arizona's immigration law grow, LAB explains how the Republican legislators shot themselves in the foot.

Bulletin 22 January 2010

Haiti: President admits lack of coordination ♦ Port-au-Prince port, back in business ♦ Thousands to be relocated ♦ Peru: Shinning Path followers form political party ♦ Latin America on way to recovery ♦ Peru: cli

Letter from Manaus

Last week I went to Manaus for a conference.  It was 40 years since the first time I'd been there.  Manaus then was a small town of elegant old houses dating from the rubber boom, built around the grandiose Opera House,  a town of  precarious shanties

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