Sunday, January 23, 2022
Colombian journalist Claudia Julieta Duque is among the ten most threatened reporters in the world.
Panic and despair in Favela do Metrô-Mangueira, next to the World Cup final stadium, as authorities order demolition of 12 homes.
A majority of 6,364 votes will make FMLN President's task exceptionally difficult.
The causes of last year's demonstrations haven't been addressed. But are Brazilians tired of demonstrating?

Brazil 1964: Never again!

March 31 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the military coup in Brazil, which ushered in the era of dictatorships in Latin America.
As popular support for the World Cup rapidly wanes, a beleaguered government is putting in place ever more draconian forms of repression.
A very detailed look at recent events in Venezuela and the reporting of them from UK group Venezuela Solidarity Campaign
Mooted new public order laws, police violence against demonstrations and indigenous communities --it's almost like the aftermath of a coup.
The far right in Brazil is small, but active. Is it becoming more of a threat?
Why the much-praised UPP programme seems to be stumbling amid signs of a new spiral of violence.

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