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Venezuela: FAQ on opposition protests


UK-based Venezuela Solidarity Campaign makes no secret of its support for Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution and for Hugo Chávez and his successor Nicolás Maduro. However they have prepared a very careful and detailed FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) under the title ‘What is Really Going on in Venezuela’. The document can be read here and/or downloaded as a pdf from this link.

Their conclusion is: “The VSC believes that violence launched with the proclaimed objective of “the ousting” of the elected, constitutional government in Venezuela is unacceptable. We further believe that external intervention in support of the anti-democratic forces, including financial support, can only make the problems worse. We join with the Latin American nations and organisations such as the United Nations of South America (UNASUR) in condemning the wave of violence unleashed and in supporting calls for peace and dialogue to end all further bloodshed.”

VSC also held a public meeting in London recently with Scottish journalist Ewan Robertson, who is based in Merida and writes for You can hear his talk and the subsequent question and answer session here.

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