Once Upon A Time in Venezuela

For seven years, Rodríguez Ríos followed the residents of the once close-knit village of Congo Mirador, inches away from drowning in murky water, chronicling their desperate attempts to save the community.

Visibility for pueblo Pumé

This video essay from LAB partner Ojos Ilegales Red, Venezuela, tells the story of Leonardo Milian Ruiz, a member of the Pumé community. Milian left his territory Boca Tronador, on Riecito in Apure State, near the the Venezuelan border with Colombia, after cattle ranchers continually invaded their territory.
The list of foreign policy challenges facing President-elect Biden when he enters the Oval Office in January 2021 will be both manifold and complex. J.D.Fuller reports.
The political stalemate in Venezuela leaves the country wide open to plunder by international creditors, banks and vulture funds. Meanwhile, the country cannot spend its own money to combat Covid-19.
Venezuela, whose economy is already in dire straits thanks to US sanctions and its own mismanagement, risks losing control of the Texas-based oil company CITGO, currently owned by Petróleos de Venezuela, and valued at US$8 billion. Bond-holders, the Trump administration and a Canadian mining company are circling the prey. The only, slim chance seems to be if the government...
Both the United Nations and World Health Organization have labelled the spread of disinformation during the coronavirus crisis as an ‘infodemic.’ ‘We have faced pandemics before,’ said Graham Brookie, Director of the Atlantic Council Digital Forensics Laboratory, ‘but never in an era in which humans are so connected and with as much access to information as they do now.’ Disinformation...
21 April 2020 LAB has just published our first true photo-story: São Paulo – the streets under social isolation a collaboration between sociologist Fraya Frehse and photojournalist Tiago Queiroz, and with the help of our web-designer Wes Boden. Do take a look and let us know if you think it conveys the story effectively. Collated by Emily Gregg, LAB is...
LAB received this article from Venezuelan National Science Prize winner Victor Álvarez. It is a follow-up to his earlier appeal for a coalition government to involve both Maduro and Guaidó. Translated for LAB by Jasmine Haniff. Placing a price on the heads of Maduro and his main collaborators to force them into negotiating the departure from power is not a credible threat for...
LAB received this article from Venezuelan National Science Prize winner Victor Álvarez. We publish it here because of its appeal to both sides of the country's political divide to set aside their differences in the national interest, and to prevent a health catastrophe. The appeal includes a clear demand that the US Government suspend economic sanctions and stop blocking...

The Synod on the Amazon

A synod is a meeting of representatives of Church communities to discuss issues of doctrine or Church governance.  So far, for most people, so boring.  But when, in February 2019, General Augusto Heleno, President Jair Bolsonaro’s senior security adviser, described October’s Catholic Church synod on the Amazon as ‘relevant to Brazil’s national security’ and having a ‘left-wing agenda’, he was on to something. ...

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