This article was first published in Revista Opera. You can read the original, in Portuguese, here. October 23, 2017: The day begins at 8 o’clock. We arrive in Pacaraima, whose streets, in spite of being Brazilian, are filled with hispanic sounds on every side. As I get out of the car, a man comes up to me offering to...
Brigadier General Gustavo Moreno is sitting behind a wide desk in his air-conditioned office. It overlooks the parade ground of the police compound which sits vacant, belted by the midday sun. A receptionist brings in cups of weak, sugary coffee that Colombians call tinto. As the police commander for ‘Region Five’, General Moreno is in charge of security for one...

Brazil: Sojourn in Santarém

Jan Rocha takes a break from her usual razor-sharp analyses of Brazil's political landscape. Yet, even in Santarém, Pará, where the Tapajos river joins the Amazon, she finds that all is change: rapid urbanisation, a massive grain terminal, clearance of forest for soya and the arrival of indigenous people from Venezuela. A full moon hangs in the sky over...
Jesús Alberto ‘Chucho’ García is Venezuelan Consul General in New Orleans and previously represented the Venezuelan government in Angola, Mali and Burkina Faso.  He is a founder of the Juan Ramón Lugo Afro-Revolutionary Movement.  Despite describing the current opposition to Nicolás Maduro as ‘racist and fascist’, he says that the state’s bureaucratic approach to production is ignoring the creativity...
The views of ordinary people about Venezuela's economic and political crisis
A leading Venezuelan academic, Vladimir Acosta, analyses the challenges facing the Maduro government as the Venezuelan National Assembly meets for the first time since the victory of the opposition coalition in the December 2015 national elections.
The runup to 6th December elections for the National Assembly in Venezuela has seen government and opposition crying foul ahead of what is expected to be one of the closest fought contests in recent years.
In the runup to National Assembly elections on 6 December, the Venezuelan opposition MUD coalition is making strenuous attempts to lose its 'oligarchic' connections to increase its appeal to poorer voters
December elections for Venezuela's National Assembly offer the opposition MUD coalition their best opportunity to date to challenge President Maduro and the ruling PSUV party.
Venezuela's opposition parties reject quotas for women election candidates, but the government's own record on gender lags behind most countries in the Region.

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