December elections for Venezuela's National Assembly offer the opposition MUD coalition their best opportunity to date to challenge President Maduro and the ruling PSUV party.
Venezuela's opposition parties reject quotas for women election candidates, but the government's own record on gender lags behind most countries in the Region.
How the media use Venezuela links to attack the left, in Spain, Peru and Mexico
A new collection of interviews and testimonies is discussed by a panel of experts in London on April 21
A fascinating article by a US investigative journalist argues convincingly that Nisman was not murdered because he had irrefutable proof that Iran and the Argentina government were covering up those behind the AMIA bombing.
Former LAB editor Javier Farje visited Caracas recently and explored communities and walked the streets of the Venezuelan capital to find a people who are not prepared to give up just yet.

SOS Water Crisis!

The São Paulo state authorities have finally had to admit it – São Paulo may well run out of water completely in a few months.
Is the Maduro government deploying canny pragmatism, or has it retreated from Chavez' commitment to redistribution?
A detailed examination for UNRISD of how Venezuela has sought to use its oil wealth to improve health care and reduce inequality.
Continuing dependence on gas and oil threaten all Venezuela's social gains.

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