Saturday, July 24, 2021
LAB launches a new series of articles by Russell White on Daniel Ortega's pet $50 billion project. The first examines the deep differences among the Sandinistas.
Brazil's landless workers movement launches a Christmas hamper of products to promote organic food produced on small family farms
When Corporations Sue Governments An international gold mining company is refusing to accept the Salvadorean government's decision to expel it from the country for the environmental damage it has done and is appealing to a World Bank-affiliated international court. It is a warning of what lies ahead if the trade agreements (including TTIP), currently being negotiated, are not stopped by...
Hilda and Mrio González are convinced their son Cesar Manuel is still alive. "The official version is a lie," they say.
Peru-based Servindi provides a valuable service to follow the Peoples' Summit.
As the UN climate talks in Lima approach, a leading Brazilian scientist, member of the IPCC, calls urgently for a massive programme of tree replanting to try to stem the catastrophic climate change that Brazil is already experiencing.
Sotrami, a gold mining company near Ayacucho has achieved Fair Trade certification.
Filmed between 1985 and 1991 by the British director Marc Karlin (1943-1999)
A documentary film describing an MST settlement in Rio Grande do Sul
Government secrecy and the threat to communities fuel opposition to this vast project.

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